Main points of anti-high temperature management of fungus bags

High temperature weather will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the cultivation of black fungus sticks. Improper management will cause physiological diseases such as "high-temperature burning bacteria" and "spitting yellow water" and aggravate disease pollution such as green mold. In the later stage, there will even be a serious "bad stick" phenomenon. Relevant experts put forward the following key points on the high temperature resistance management of bacteria bags for practitioners' reference:
Key points of bag making technology:
1. Avoid high temperature for inoculation. When the temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to inoculate when the temperature at night is relatively low, and it is safer to inoculate in an inoculation box.
2. Select suitable bacteria age and high-quality strains. High-resistant varieties should be selected, and those with suitable age and quality should be cultivated. It is strictly forbidden to use aged strains that "vomit yellow water".
3. Lose no time to vaccinate. After killing the germs in the feeding bag, inoculate immediately after cooling to room temperature in a clean environment, and the inoculation is required to be completed within 2 to 3 days.
4. Bagging culture. The bacteria bag inoculated during the period of high temperature needs to be combined with the bagging method to cultivate the bacteria bag to prevent the inoculation block from being harmed by external drying and polluted air and causing harm to the bacteria.
Technical points of training period management:
1. When the temperature in the greenhouse exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, the method of roof spraying can be used to reduce the temperature and keep the temperature below 35 degrees Celsius. On the basis of preventing the sun from irradiating the bacteria bags, it is best to open the surrounding sunshade nets to enhance convection and ventilation, and adopt the key technology of fan-assisted heat dissipation to prevent the local pile temperature from being too high and causing the bacteria bags to "burn".
2. Reduce the number of times the fungus sticks are turned over to prevent artificial heating of the fungus sticks.


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