When your mushroom plant construction drawing designed well, you may start build your plant. Most people will find local construction company to help him. But in mushroom industry , they are not professional. " Leave professional work to professional people" . We can arrange our construction team to your place or arrange our technician person to guide your worker do the job. 

     Before your building done well,  you should make sure some necessary machine arrive at your place ahead of time, such as autoclave sterilizer,purification equipment etc; when your building done well, all machinery should be in your place. Now you should arrange worker to move the machinery to right installtion location and install it. Like bagging line , simple production line, your worker can install by himself according to manual. But complex machinery, it's better make us help you install. 

 After all machine install well, you should debug these machine and make sure every machine normal work. You can hand all these job to us and we arrange professional person to show you how to operate the machine and how to maintenance these machine in future. 

Satrise company not only supply you technology service and system equipment, but also offer you installation service etc. We always put the needs of customers in the first place, think what customers think, and strive to serve customers well.

Autoclave Sterilizer Installation Cooling Unit Install Fermenter Install

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