Key Points of Cultivation Techniques of Cordyceps

The germination period and fruiting period in the production of Cordyceps militaris are two important stages, and the following points should be done well in management:
1. Germination period management
During the mycelial growth stage, culture should be protected from light. In order to avoid the growth of miscellaneous bacteria, the temperature of the cultivation room should be controlled at 13-16°C. Generally, after 7 days, the hyphae cover the entire surface of the cultivation material, and then cultured under light, and the light time is 10-24 hours a day. After exposure to light, gradually increase the temperature of the cultivation room to 19±2°C, which is conducive to the formation of primordia. From about 17 days after the inoculation, the formation of the primordium began to cause eye-catching ventilation and pouring, and the polluted cultivation pots must be removed when pouring. Keep the cultivation room hygienic throughout the germination period.
2. Management of fruiting period
During the fruiting period, the temperature should be controlled at 16±2°C, and the temperature in the early stage of fruiting should be slightly higher, and the temperature should be gradually lowered after the Cordyceps mushrooms sprout neatly. Pay attention to observe the water shortage of the medium and the height of the fruiting bodies of Cordyceps militaris during water injection. The water replenishment period has a significant impact on the harvesting and biological efficiency of Cordyceps militaris. Pay attention to ventilation every day during the fruiting period. The ventilation time is related to the season and weather. In summer, it is ventilated in the morning and evening, and in winter, it is ventilated at noon.


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