Precautions for Spring Management of Pleurotus ostreatus

In spring, as the temperature gradually rises, various pests and diseases will gradually increase, which will seriously affect the yield and quality of oyster mushrooms. Therefore, the following issues should be paid attention to in spring management.
1. Prevent sudden changes in temperature
As the temperature gradually rises in spring, the management of oyster mushrooms will often encounter cold air. Therefore, in spring management of Pleurotus ostreatus, we must always pay attention to weather changes, and often measure the temperature of mushroom sheds and bags. In order to ensure the normal growth and development of Pleurotus ostreatus, the temperature in the mushroom shed is preferably controlled at 10°C to 20°C. When adopting artificial fire or other heating measures, the carbon dioxide and other harmful substances produced during the heating process must be discharged out of the mushroom shed in time.
2. Reasonable humidification
Direct sunlight to prevent a sudden rise in temperature at the end of spring to form a high-temperature and high-humidity mushrooming environment. Spray water 1 to 3 times a day according to temperature changes to ensure the humidity in the mushroom shed. However, it is not advisable to spray too much water, and the air humidity in the mushroom shed should not exceed 95%.
3. Strengthen the ventilation mushroom shed
Coordinated management of ventilation can ensure the normal growth of oyster mushrooms. Generally speaking, when the temperature is high, there is more ventilation, and when the temperature is low, there is less ventilation.
4. Rational use of production booster
There are many kinds of production-increasing agents that can increase the production of Pleurotus ostreatus, and the preparation methods are also various. At present, there are many such products in the market, including powder and liquid. When applying, you can refer to the dosage specified by the product.
5. Strictly prevent pests and diseases
As the temperature gradually rises in spring, the pests and diseases will also intensify, so we should attach great importance to it and strengthen prevention and control. Prevention and control of pests and diseases should adopt the principles of prevention first and comprehensive control. Physical control technology: use black light to trap and kill adult mushroom mosquitoes and mushroom flies. The specific method is to put a washbasin under the lamp, pour some waste engine oil into the basin, and wipe the engine oil around and around the basin.
6. Replenish the moisture of the bacteria bag in time
Usually after two crops of mushrooms, there will be water shortage symptoms on the surface of the material, resulting in dryness and cracks, and it is difficult to form mushroom buds. At this time, attention should be paid to replenishing water in time to prevent no mushrooms due to lack of water, or less mushrooms and poor quality.
7. Pick mushrooms in time
During this period, Pleurotus ostreatus grows vigorously. When white fluff appears at the junction of the cap and the stipe, the mushrooms should be picked in advance in time. If the harvest is too late, the flesh tissue of the oyster mushroom will age, the resistance will be reduced, it will be easily broken and rotted, and the quality will be reduced.


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