Advantages and difficulties of growing morels in greenhouses

In order to improve the output and economic benefits of morels, it is a common way to choose greenhouse cultivation. The cultivation of morels in greenhouses has the following advantages and difficulties.
1. The advantages of growing Morchella in greenhouses
(1) Less new investment
Morchella needs to be planted under shading conditions, and only a certain amount of scattered light is needed during the entire growth and development process. Building a shade shed is one of the necessary measures for the cultivation of Morchella. Building a sunshade net on the original greenhouse can save materials such as columns and tie rods, which not only saves material costs, but also saves labor costs for construction.
(2) It is convenient to artificially control the growth environment of Morchella
Planting morels in the open field will be affected by factors such as rainfall and snowfall on soil moisture. For example, if the rainfall lasts for a long time, it is easy to produce soil water, which is not good for the growth and development of morels. Greenhouse cultivation of hickory chick can artificially adjust the humidity according to the growth and development of hickory chick in each period of the growth and development of the demand for air humidity and soil humidity to meet its growth and development.
(3) Strong stress resistance
The output of morels is greatly affected by the external environment. The morels cultivated in the open field have poor resistance to snow disasters and strong winds, and cannot resist extreme low temperatures. The use of greenhouses to grow morels can effectively resist natural disasters such as strong winds, snowstorms, and extreme low temperatures, and significantly improve the stability of the output of morels.
(4) Good moisturizing effect
The top film of the greenhouse has an obvious effect on maintaining the humidity in the shed, especially at night, it can maintain a high air humidity, which is extremely beneficial to the differentiation of the morel fruiting bodies, and can promote the orderly fruiting of the morel mushrooms. The mushroom body develops rapidly, achieving the effect of going on the market ahead of schedule.
2. Difficulties in growing Morchella in greenhouses
One is that it is easy to generate high temperature at noon, and it is easy to cause the fruit body to rot under high temperature and high humidity conditions, especially in the later stage of morel growth and development, which is more harmful. The second is that the existence of the top film reduces the vertical convection of air, and the problem of insufficient oxygen will appear in the middle area of the shed, especially in the long shed.


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