Integrated disease management and management techniques for morel mushroom

The cultivation process, yield and quality of morel mushroom is difficult to be guaranteed due to the influence of various pests such as jumping insects and mosquitoes, which should be appropriately taken to the field exposure, light trap pests and drug-assisted prevention and control and other integrated control management methods to strictly control the planting process of morel mushroom, should adhere to the "prevention-oriented, drug prevention as a supplement" of the principle of integrated management.
In the cultivation of morel mushroom work to give high priority to the prevention and control of pests and diseases, as far as possible to choose the species of good, mycelium robust and less transmission of strains, and the selection of the age of the standard control in no more than 40d, the best planting time is arranged in November-December each year, to control the climate factors, always keep the air oxygen content is not less than the survival of morel mushroom standard. Add an appropriate amount of mushroom-protecting spirit-like drugs in the culture medium of morels, and spray the drugs appropriately to kill poison and insects to keep the planting environment neat and hygienic. For prevention, water should be sprayed regularly after the planting of morel mushroom to maintain the air humidity and soil humidity in the best condition at all times and maintain the probiotic content in the soil to inhibit the growth of pathogens. Should pay attention to the correct use of drug sterilization methods, according to the actual situation of strains and planting sites will be drug-assisted sterilization work in two times, the first in the medium, the second can be sterilization drugs sprayed around the medium and the surface, so as to achieve the role of sterilization, but also to provide a strong guarantee for the smooth implementation of morel mushroom planting work.

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