How to do a good job in the management of mushroom production in spring facilities

As the weather warms up, the mushroom sticks in last autumn and winter are still in an important period of fruiting management. Here are some suggestions for mushroom fruiting management.

01 Control the temperature
Protective cultivation of oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, elm yellow mushrooms and other varieties should take measures to cover and release quilts in time according to temperature changes. When the temperature in the shed is too low, the light time should be appropriately increased to store heat and keep warm.Note that the greenhouse should match the suitable temperature range of the production variety;The temperature of Pleurotus ostreatus and red matsutake can be increased to about 25°C. Once the temperature exceeds the threshold, ventilation and cooling measures can be taken to maintain the normal physiological state of the mushroom sticks; Facility cultivation of hickory chicks is in a critical period of mushroom stimulation, attention should be paid to heat preservation, and the temperature should be controlled within the range of 8-16°C.

02 Control humidity
The relative humidity of the air has been low recently, and attention should be paid to controlling the frequency and timing of water spraying in production. When the relative humidity of the air exceeds 60%, reduce the number of water sprays; when it exceeds 80%, stop spraying water, and the timing should be controlled when the temperature is relatively high.

03 Pay attention to ventilation
In the fruiting stage, the oxygen content determines the commerciality of edible fungi. It is necessary to increase the ventilation time and timely harvest during the relatively high temperature period to maintain good commerciality.

04 Prevention of diseases and pests
In terms of disease prevention and control, spring is the season when macula is prone to occur. The environment should be controlled with low relative humidity and good ventilation. While controlling the environmental parameters in production, preventive measures can be taken by spraying bleaching powder. In terms of pest control, it is necessary to implement the physical control measures of "two nets, one board, one lamp, and one buffer". If conditions permit, a combination of ecological control and physical control can be adopted.

05 Guard against bad weather
Cold air activities are frequent in spring, and bad weather such as strong winds, low temperature cold waves, rain and snow have a great impact on production. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the weather forecast or bad weather warning information, do a good job of reinforcing the shed, repairing the power supply line, and unblocking the drainage and drainage facilities to prevent production hazards caused by bad weather.

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