Development and trend of edible fungi demand materials industry

In recent years, with the rapid development of the edible mushroom industry, it has also led to the development of the industry supporting edible mushrooms. Due to the many production links involved in the cultivation of edible fungi, the main required materials include bacteria, grow bags, collars, sunshade nets, disinfectants, energy-saving lamps, and various raw and auxiliary materials. These materials ensure the stable and high yield of edible fungi. At present, there are a large number of excellent production material enterprises in the industry, innovating production processes and strengthening product research and development according to the needs of industrial development. All kinds of high-efficiency and practical materials produced have well satisfied the market, and have been promoted to various production bases across the country, and have been widely praised by customers.
We have also seen that while the industry has developed rapidly in recent years, some problems restricting the development of the industry have become prominent. For example, the quality of strains is uneven, the equipment matching with production does not match, and the quality of products is not up to standard, which seriously hinders the development of the industry. Although scientific research units and production enterprises in the industry spend a lot of human, material and financial resources on research and development every year. However, due to the imperfect establishment of the industry-university-research system, the small audience for market promotion, and the lag of independent research and development platforms, many new products, new technologies, and new processes cannot be well applied to actual production. At the same time, there are many high-quality edible mushroom cultivation materials companies in the industry that lack media publicity, and their products are not well known, but they also play an important role in the high and stable production of edible fungi. These products are in urgent need of market promotion.
Our country's edible fungus industry has begun to develop from the traditional planting model to the direction of factoryization, intelligence, informatization and digitization. Although currently affected by the epidemic, the development of the edible fungus industry has entered a downturn. With the prominent role of the edible fungus industry in the national economy and rural revitalization, the industry has broad prospects for development. Edible fungus material enterprises should see development opportunities in the crisis and adjust the production direction according to the development needs of the market and customers.
At present, my country's edible fungus industry has entered a critical period of transformation and upgrading, and it is necessary to empower all aspects of edible fungus production. Strengthen scientific and technological innovation, upgrade from the aspects of bacteria research and development, intelligent equipment, production facilities, etc., comprehensively enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises that require materials for bacteria, increase the market share and reputation of products, and promote my country's edible fungi industry from "manufacturing" to "Intelligent Manufacturing" is advancing.

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