Status quo of black fungus industry development

1. Production and consumption
China has always been a major consumer of black fungus. At present, the national consumption of black fungus has rapidly expanded from 450,000 tons in 2004 to 700,000 tons in 2015, an increase of about 1.5 times, with an average annual growth rate of about 5%. The demand for black fungus is also growing rapidly.
Since 2018, the output of black fungus in China has grown steadily. By 2020, the output of black fungus in China will reach 7.2959 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 3.96%.
2. Advantages of product development
(1) Innovation in key technologies for active ingredient extraction
The black fungus extraction system is viscous, and the separation of material and liquid is difficult, which makes it difficult to achieve large-scale production. Therefore, in the future, its extraction technology or technological process should be optimized or innovated on the existing extraction technology, so that the extraction efficiency, yield and purity of the active components of black fungus can be improved.
(2) Development of black fungus compound compatibility products
At present, the research on the active ingredients of edible fungi at home and abroad mostly focuses on the single action of a certain ingredient, and there are few reports on the research on the compound. Exploring the activity of different edible fungi and different active ingredient complexes can maximize the biological activity of edible fungi and has broad development prospects. Therefore, according to the active characteristics of black fungus, it is the trend of future research and development of black fungus products to compound other active substances with synergistic effects to exert better functions.
3. Cultivation method
(1) Hanging bag cultivation
Before germination, make some openings on the surface of the fungus bag to facilitate the formation of ear buds. The hook frame can be made of wire mesh. The opening position of the bacteria bag can be hung on the hook frame. The steel mesh can plan the appropriate horizontal position according to the ear position. The bacteria bags can also be fixed together with a sling, and the sling should be erected with the middle of the sling as the center.
The distance between the slings should be about 40 cm for ventilation. 4-6 bags can be hung on the rope. The position of each bacterial bag should be staggered, keeping a distance of 20 cm, so that each bacterial bag can absorb light and oxygen.
The use of hook hanging bag culture can effectively save space and cost. Nearly 10,000 bacterial bags can be placed in a place of 100 square meters, and one worker can manage 80,000-100,000 bacterial bags. Moreover, the bacteria bag does not directly touch the ground, reducing the probability of contamination.
(2) Land cultivation of black fungus
"Ground-planted black fungus" is also called "plastic-bag ground-planted black fungus", which is a kind of black fungus substitute material and gardening cultivation technology. The technology uses sawdust and straw as raw materials, and uses plastic bags to contain 0.5 kg of dry material. The technology of planting black fungus in plastic bags has greatly expanded the raw materials and cultivation area of black fungus, and greatly shortened the production cycle. The cultivation method of returning to nature realizes natural pollution-free products, improves the biotransformation rate, improves the commerciality of products, is more conducive to large-scale, mechanized and standardized production, and has broad development prospects.
4. Future development trend
(1) Widespread application of modern biotechnology
The application of modern biotechnology will lay the foundation for the development of black fungus cultivation technology. Hybrid breeding, mutation breeding and genetic breeding will provide better strains for the development of the black fungus industry, and biological fermentation technology will popularize and popularize the application of liquid strains.
(2) Mechanized factory production is an inevitable trend
The application of multi-disciplinary new technologies and new materials will accelerate the process of mechanization and industrialization of the black fungus industry. Mechanical automation technology is applied to the production and transportation of bacterial bags, environmental purification engineering technology is applied to purification and sterilization of production workshops, and new energy sources such as solar energy will be applied to temperature regulation.
(3) Three-dimensional green organic cultivation has become the mainstream
Cultivation methods range from wood section to ground cutting, from ground planting to three-dimensional; production methods range from manual to mechanization; purification technology and application of temperature, humidity, light and wind control technology avoid the use of pesticides. The production of black fungus is safe and controllable in every link. In the future, black fungus cutting and cultivation may be carried out in an ecological natural environment with green mountains and green waters, or in a clean factory environment with good artificial environment control.
(4) Modern black fungus plantations have become a new force
Modern black fungus plantations will be the main organizational form of black fungus production in the future. With the improvement of production mechanization and automation, the organizational form of black fungus production will fundamentally change, and the main body of household production will be replaced by different forms of black fungus leading enterprises: First, the investor establishes a modern organic black fungus manor The second is to establish a black fungus sightseeing and picking ecological park, led by enterprises and cooperatives, and develop the industry according to the industrialized planting method of contracting factories and bringing farmers.

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