The future development of shiitake mushroom industry

1. Improve the production method of shiitake mushrooms and increase the production capacity
The industrialization of edible mushrooms can help mushroom farmers to select special varieties with short cycle and high yield of first-flush mushrooms. At the same time, large-scale cultivation can reduce production costs and increase yields without being restricted by natural conditions. Get rid of the dependence of the edible fungus industry on weather and environment, and control the fruiting environment within the controllable range.
But at present, due to the limitation of technology and other conditions, the factory production technology is less used in the production of shiitake mushrooms. Producers should strengthen the application of technology in production, speed up the upgrading of existing technology, and replace manpower with technology, which can not only improve production efficiency, but also improve production efficiency. And it can reduce the risk caused by the uncertainty of changes in human capital. Strengthen scientific and technological innovation, take improving the quality of shiitake mushrooms as the core, carry out technological upgrading, new product development and product promotion. Use science and technology to innovate the production method and production process of shiitake mushrooms, optimize the industrial structure, and improve the industrial system.
2. Actively carry out new product research and development to stimulate consumption
Due to cultural differences and different eating habits, the existing shiitake mushroom products cannot meet the needs of different consumers, which is also one of the main reasons for the low per capita consumption of the existing shiitake mushrooms. Due to the uncertainties and externalities of product innovation, the existing processing enterprises have insufficient innovation motivation. Therefore, the government should actively guide existing domestic processing enterprises, encourage scientific and technological innovation research of enterprises, introduce special policies and funds to support the research and development of shiitake mushroom products, and at the same time encourage the combination of "production, education and research", and multi-party participation in product research and development.

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