Analysis of the demand and planting prospect of Morel mushroom

Morels is one of the four famous bacteria. After continuous attempts, wild morels have been successfully introduced into artificial cultivation, and delicious morels can be eaten off-season. However, due to the complex cultivation technology of morels, there are not many people developing this project, so the output is limited and the market price is high.
In recent years, the cultivation of morels has been very popular, and the growing area has developed rapidly. In just a few years, it has covered many provinces, stood out among edible fungi, and won the favor of many mushroom farmers. Compared with shiitake mushroom cultivation, the cultivation of morels has lower labor force, larger market vacancies and more profit margins. Although the technology is not as perfect as that of shiitake mushrooms, it is worth betting by mushroom farmers. If managed properly, there will be good development in the future. Compared with the bottleneck of the mushroom industry, space has a great advantage, so morels can be like a duck in the edible mushroom industry.
With the continuous improvement of morel technology, a large number of people will be engaged in the cultivation of morel mushrooms in 2020, and a large number of them will come from mushroom farmers who grow shiitake mushrooms. According to the future trend, the emergence of morels will definitely create a group of rich mushroom farmers, and will also share the crowded situation of the mushroom industry. Although more and more people are devoted to the cultivation of morels, it is expected that its market price will not drop suddenly in recent years, and the market price is still considerable.
Morel cultivation has great advantages, and its market competitiveness is very good. The first is that my country has a vast natural environment suitable for artificial cultivation of morels, which is a basic advantage of its existence. Secondly, my country has a wide range of morels resources and many species. Also, my country has abundant labor resources and low labor costs. Finally, the morel mushroom market is in a serious state of shortage, so it is necessary to increase the production of morel mushrooms.
The reason why morels  is so expensive is because the output is too low, and the market demand is large. The so-called rare is expensive, so its price is so expensive. From the current point of view, the cultivation of morels is a relatively popular. In the planting industry, especially in the past two years, the area of artificial cultivation of Morchella has increased significantly, mainly in the Sichuan-Chongqing area. This is because many years of experimental production have overcome the influence of climate, environment and planting technology on morels. Planting technology has become more and more perfect, and living standards have improved, people's consumption concept has improved, and the market has become larger and larger.
​​​​​​​The economic benefits of morel cultivation are still relatively high. Generally, the net profit per mu can reach more than 10,000 yuan. Although morel cultivation has higher economic benefits, greater planting advantages, and better planting prospects, it also has planting risks, especially in terms of planting technology, so it is necessary to learn more about morel cultivation technology.

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