A breakthrough was made in the third fermentation technology of straw mushroom industrialization

Recently, the cultivation engineering team of the Edible Fungi Research Institute of Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences has made a breakthrough in the industrial three-fermentation technology of straw mushroom. After more than 3 years of continuous efforts, the research team of straw mushroom industrialization, on the basis of the previous research, has gradually overcome the technical difficulties such as the difficulty of forming the primary base of the three-fermentation culture material of straw mushroom, the uneven fruiting, and the low yield. The normal fruiting of the three-fermentation culture material (the test yield reached 4.3kg/㎡), the cultivation period of the straw mushroom in the mushroom house was reduced to 9 days.
At present, a stable, standard and efficient cultivation mode for straw mushrooms has not yet been formed. Straw mushroom factories usually adopt the method of bed fermentation for production. Fang can only complete 18 cultivation cycles at most in one year, and there are disadvantages such as poor stability. The tunnel fermentation technology completed by the team in the early stage reduces the period of mushroom house cultivation (from feeding and sowing to discharging) to 12-14 days. Each mushroom house can complete up to 30 cultivation cycles in one year, which is higher than the current common mode. 66%. The three-time fermentation technology shortens the mushroom house cycle (from feeding and fruiting to discharging) to 9 days, and each mushroom house can complete 40 cultivation cycles in one year, which is 122% higher than the current common mode.
The breakthrough in the three-stage fermentation technology of straw mushroom industrialization indicates that the process framework of the "3+6+9" mode of straw mushroom industrialization is basically completed (one fermentation for 3 days, tunnel fermentation for 6 days, and mushroom house cultivation for 9 days). We will conduct more in-depth research on the industrialization of straw mushrooms in terms of factory design, equipment selection, and optimization of key process parameters. We hope that in the future, we will be able to work together with entrepreneurs and researchers engaged in straw mushroom production to jointly deliver the factory-produced straw mushrooms. The daily dining table of tens of millions of people.

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