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Precautions for picking mushrooms
(1)Timely picking is a barrier to ensure the quality of lentinus edodes, not due to the weather, rest and delay the timely picking. 
(2)If the products with marks can be gathered at the right time, when the cover diameter reaches 3-5, they can not stand to open the umbrella with the membrane, or their opening degree is 5-90%, they can be gathered according to the sales requirements. 
(3)When harvesting, gently twist and pick the handle of mushroom, do not take out the medium or residual handle of mushroom
(4)Pick one, prepare two, and watch three. This means you are picking one, you know which one to pick next, and you observe which one to pick. 
(5)In order to avoid chafing the mushroom cover, it is advisable to put different standards of mushrooms into picking containers according to the sales standard or grading standard. 
(6)The mushrooms that have been picked should be stored in storage in time for preservation, screening, grading and timely sales. 
(7)During picking, the fungus sticks can be marked and distinguished according to the number and yield of a fungus stick.Especially pick fungus sticks with sawdust and place them with special marks.

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