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Precautions for mushroom growth
1. Effects of temperature and humidity on the growth of lentinus edodes fruiting body: lentinus edodes fruiting body grows longitudinally at 8-12℃, longitudinally and transversely at 15℃, and transversely at above 18℃.Influence of spatial humidity on the solid growth of lentinus edodes: the solid growth of lentinus edodes grows slowly when the spatial humidity is below 70%, and accelerates when the spatial humidity is above 75%.When temperature and humidity are combined, lentinus edodes will grow faster with temperature and humidity. both are low, lentinus edodes fruit solid growth rate is slow.Lack of both for a while, the growth rate will be relatively slow.Scientific use of lentinus edodes fruit body in the actual production of this growth characteristics, can effectively control the thickness, size, color.
2. The purpose of squatting bud: to make the cap of mushroom thick, dense, gray, with a little pattern, and the legs of mushroom strong, lay the foundation for producing high-quality first-grade mushroom.
mushroom growth
3. This stage is the key to the formation of high-quality mushrooms, which determines whether high-quality mushrooms can be formed and whether they are good or not.During the squat bud, the relative humidity of the air gradually decreases to 65% within 2-4 days, and remains the same. When the natural temperature is low, the control temperature should be 8-15℃, and when the natural temperature is high, the control should be as low as possible.Increase the illumination and get full daylight in winter.The air inside the mushroom shed is fresh.
4. Note: crouching stage should pay attention to moisture can't too low, the air is too dry mushroom bud easy death, maintain low temperature, slow down the production speed of mushroom bud, early autumn or late spring sealed sun-shade net shade reduce relative temperature, ventilation can effectively reduce relative humidity, strong ventilation can make a mushroom bud death, bad air relative humidity, reach the purpose of the squat grey.
5. The diameter of the mushroom cover is 3-3.5cm, the surface of the mushroom cover is light brown or with a little crack, the hand press the mushroom cover has a hard feeling, such as press the nose (feel like press the forehead or lips is over or did not reach the expected), the mushroom cover around the edge has a little scale hair and the mushroom cover part is not, then the squatting bud work is completed.

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