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1. Objective To make the fresh mushroom buds grow normally in a comfortable environment, and to remove clumpy, weak and dense mushroom buds artificially.Observe the amount of mushroom, scientifically and reasonably adjust the temperature and humidity of mushroom shed, and artificially control the number of mushroom buds.
2. The products with its products below 1.5 are like newborn infants with weak ability to withstand the natural environment, and they are liable to die in case of cold freezing and strong wind drying, and need artificial protection.The growth temperature of the mushroom bud is 12-18℃ when it comes out, and the air relative humidity is 70-80%.It also needs to scatter light and keep the air fresh.Large ventilation and long time ventilation are not recommended.After meeting the four requirements, the mushrooms' buds can grow to 1.5-2 within 3 to 7 days, and its purpose of caring the buds can be accomplished.
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3. Through observation, if it is found that the number of fungus sticks is too high, the ventilation rate can be increased to kill some weak seedlings according to the characteristic that the young buds are very dry and prone to death.
4. Pick seedling principle is to leave the strong seedling of cap crus thick, the seedling that grows size is consistent.The weak seedlings with large thin legs and caps were eliminated,clustered and dense, and the mushroom buds were distributed sparsely and evenly after being picked.Combined with sales standards and requirements, one fungus stick can leave 8-15 mushroom buds of the same size.The more mushroom buds a fungus stick retains, the more water and nutrition it consumes, the more mushroom buds it has, the smaller its cap diameter, and the easier it is to open an umbrella.

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