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Temperature : The adaptability of different varieties of mushroom to temperature is different, in general, low temperature type varieties are more likely to form a high quality mushroom, mushroom is the main reason of the thick round relatively slow growth, in addition to the dry climate, low temperature is important, nurtures the mushroom temperature on the high side, mushroom growth too fast, is easy to form the meat thin, small mushroom.The difference in temperature was favorable for the formation of lentinus edodes primordia and increased yield, but it did not have a decisive influence on the surface cracks of lentinus edodes and the color of lentinus edodes.
Light:Illumination is indispensable to the growth and development of lentinus edodes fruit entity, usually during the period of lentinus edodes inside the greenhouse lighting requirements of seven Yin and three Yang, but also need a period of strong light stimulation during the squat bud.Light degree and air dry degree is proportional to, strong light plus good ventilation, can greatly reduce air humidity, in a sense of the high quality mushroom is the sun irradiation.The newly born young buds can't stand strong light and are easy to die. Only when the ontogeny reaches a stable state and the diameter of the young bud mushroom cover is more than 1cm, will they not die due to rapid changes in the environment.Low temperature in winter and spring increases the sunshine degree, which obviously has more advantages than disadvantages, especially is very important for cultivating high-quality commodity Shiitake mushroom

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