transport and shelf operation standard-satrise mushroom

transport and shelf operation standard
1)  You should know the the name of the species to be transported and the biological characteristics of the species. 
2)  Suitable for fruiting mushroom log standard 1.The bacterial age reached or exceeded the culture days of this variety. 2.The effective accumulative temperature meets or exceeds the accumulative temperature requirement of this variety. 3.The effective color conversion area of the fungus sticks reaches more than two thirds. 4.The surface of the fungus sticks was obviously contracted, with more than 80% of the original weight. 5.The fruiting experiment met the criteria of fruiting. 6.The PH value inside the fungus sticks was uniform and consistent,3.9-4.2 
3)  Loading and unloading should be handled with care, and violent loading and unloading behaviors such as knocking, throwing, trampling and so on should not occur. 
4)  Timely transportation, transportation before to understand the vehicle condition, safe driving.Vehicles without cooling equipment, not overtime transport, not long distance transport. 
5)  Maintain transportation contact, arrange and coordinate the unloading workers before the fungus sticks arrive, unload the truck in time, and ensure fast unloading at the same time. 
6)  According to the size of the mushroom greenhouse, calculate the number of fungus sticks needed in advance and enter the greenhouse according to the number. 
7)  Fifteen fungus sticks per meter 7, eighteen fungus sticks per meter 6.Each empty fungus stick is concentrated in the middle of the mushroom shelf on 3-4 layers, with the inoculation hole facing downwards and one end of the buckle facing the sidewalk to facilitate bag removal. 
8)  In order to facilitate the management in the future, not only continuity but also concentration of time should be required.

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