5 Technical Points for Cultivation of Lions Mane Mushroom

1. Variety Selection
For different cultivation materials, different Hericium strains need to be selected.
2. Cultivation Raw Materials
Among agricultural and sideline products, sawdust, cottonseed hulls, sugarcane bagasse, corn cobs and stalks, straw, wheat straw, distiller's grains, etc., can all be used as raw materials for cultivating Hericium erinaceus. In addition, auxiliary raw materials include: bran, gypsum powder, edible sugar, and superphosphate.

3.Cultivation Methods
There are generally two types, cultivation in special bottles for edible fungi and cultivation in plastic bags. First prepare the culture material according to the formula, mix it according to the relevant requirements for bacterial strain production, and bottle or bag it. Then perform moist heat sterilization or high-pressure steam sterilization. After sterilization is completed, cooling inoculation is performed. The culture material inoculated with the seeds enters the medium temperature for germination. Move the bacteria bottle or bag into the culture room, control the temperature at 22 to 24°C, and shield the bacteria from light. Generally, after about 25 days of culture, the growth of Hericium erinaceus is completed.
4. Cool Down To Stimulate Mushrooms
When the mycelium reaches physiological maturity, it can be converted to mushroom cultivation. When the temperature is controlled at 18 to 20°C, the temperature is lowered to produce mushrooms.
5. Fruiting Management
Hericium fruiting bodies like low and high temperature environments. The temperature is controlled at 18~20℃, and the humidity is controlled at about 90%. In such an environment, Hericium erinaceus has short stems, large balls, white solid color, unbranched, high food value and high commodity price.

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