Can Immature Mushroom Mycelium be Forcefully Water-Injected?

Cannot. There are three main reasons:
First, the mycelium is immature and cannot be forced to grow. Physiologically immature mushroom sticks cannot be forcibly stimulated. If you forcefully inject water, increase the temperature difference, or use vibration stimulation to stimulate mushrooms, it will be counterproductive. Not only will mushrooms not be produced, but the fruiting time will be delayed. Because internal factors are fundamental and external factors are conditions. The external conditions of temperature, light, moisture and air only work on rods with fully mature hyphae, otherwise they will have no effect.
The second is to cultivate at an appropriate temperature to promote the maturation of mycelium. The process of mycelium maturation is also a process of decomposing and accumulating nutrients. This process takes a certain amount of time. There are many factors that affect mycelial maturation, but temperature is the most critical factor. For this kind of mushroom stick, you must not rush to add water to promote mushrooms. The temperature difference should be narrowed and the bacteria should be cultured at a constant temperature to stabilize the temperature between 22°C and 23°C to create a favorable environment and process for the hyphae to decompose nutrients and accumulate nutrients. Generally, the mycelium can fully mature only after about 20 days of follow-up culture.
The third is to puncture, reduce weight, increase oxygen, and promote ripening. For mushroom sticks that are too heavy or too dark in color, holes should be properly pierced, water should be drained, and air permeability should be increased to promote mycelial maturation. The number of puncture holes can be flexibly controlled according to the moisture content of the fungus bag. Generally, there are 60-80 puncture holes. If the moisture content is particularly large, about 100 holes can be punctured. At the same time, it should be noted that after puncturing, the temperature should be stabilized between 22°C and 23°C, and the mycelium can be fully matured by continuing to culture for a period of time.


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