How to Manage Oyster Mushrooms When They Enter The Coral Stage?

Under suitable conditions, the primordium begins to differentiate into the stipe and cap, which are shaped like corals, so it is also called the coral stage. Management focus:
1、After entering the coral stage, the vents on both sides should be opened in time to allow air convection to form 24 hours a day and night. Note that the air convection flow rate should gradually increase from the coral stage to the mushroom stage;
2、If there is still no ventilation after entering the coral stage, or the air cannot form convection, the mushroom body will only grow a stipe but not a cap, forming the enoki mushroom type;
3、Ventilation during the coral period should be carried out slowly, and the ventilation size should be adjusted by the opening of the vent. The coral stage requires less oxygen, so the vents are generally only a quarter open. If the wind is too strong and the airflow is too fast, the mushrooms will dry out;
4、Humidity management is still based on spraying once a day. In dry weather, you can also spray on the mushroom body and pass it over. It is very necessary to prevent the mushrooms from drying out and promote the differentiation of the cap and stipe;
5、In addition to ensuring good ventilation and humidity, you should also pay attention to sparse buds so that the remaining mushroom buds can grow intensively. The formation of large mushrooms, especially the first crop mushrooms, produces too many mushrooms and competes with each other for nutrients, resulting in smaller mushrooms and an increase in deformed mushrooms.


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