What technical points need to be mastered in the process of growing morels?

1. Grasp the ecological conditions for morel cultivation
In order to promote the dual improvement of morel yield and quality, the suitable ecological conditions for morel cultivation should be firmly grasped, and the temperature, humidity, sunshine intensity, soil pH and air oxygen content should be strictly controlled. Morels belong to low temperature and high humidity type fungi. The growth cycle of morels should be taken into consideration when imitating the ecological environment. Not only should the morels be given a low-temperature culture environment, but also a large temperature difference should be given to stimulate mycelial differentiation. Other studies have shown that weak scattered light is beneficial to the growth and development of morels. For this reason, the light intensity should be strictly controlled. A neutral or weakly alkaline soil environment is conducive to the healthy growth of morels.
2. Reasonable selection of strains and planting sites
The selection of strains should be highly consistent with the planting environment. When growers do not have the conditions to produce their own strains, they should purchase them from places that specialize in the production of strains to ensure the quality of the strains. When purchasing, use thick and thick mycelium as the selection criterion to avoid the mixing of strains contaminated by other bacteria, and choose reddish-brown strains as much as possible.
Morel planting sites have relatively high requirements for water sources. The altitude should be controlled at about 1600m, and weakly alkaline soil should be selected for planting as much as possible. The planting land should have relatively flat terrain, fresh air, clean environment and non-polluted water sources.
3. Soil pretreatment and planting shed construction
The purpose of soil pretreatment is to maintain the best condition of the soil to provide more support for the cultivation of bacteria. For woodland, about 60kg of quicklime can be applied to remove pests and adjust soil pH; for plowing, about 90kg of plant ash combined with about 60kg of quicklime can be applied to adjust soil pH. Plowing the land 30 days before planting the strains, and exposing the tilled soil to the sun for about 10 days, is not only important for eliminating miscellaneous bacteria and other harmful substances in the soil, but also promotes the smooth planting of morels. Morel cultivation was first carried out by building sheds, and low sheds (0.75m) were mostly used in understory planting. The construction of the middle shed only needs to be maintained at a height of about 2m. It should be noted that the construction of the planting shed has higher requirements for the shading rate, and the shading rate should be controlled at about 95%.


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