What is the reason why there is no mushroom after water injection?

Plant shiitake mushrooms in the same way, and inject water at the same time as others, but others produce mushrooms, but oneself do not produce mushrooms. What is the reason?
1. Have you raised the mushroom sticks in place?
After each crop of mushrooms is over, we have to raise the sticks. The main purpose is to rejuvenate the mycelia in the mushroom sticks. However, most of my friends keep sticks based on the number of days. When the number of days is enough, they will directly inject water, regardless of whether the mycelium is strong or not. This is also one of the reasons why water injection does not produce mushrooms.
2. Do you have a temperature difference when injecting water?
Shiitake mushrooms require a temperature difference of about 10 degrees to stimulate bud buds, so that mushrooms can emerge smoothly. The greater the temperature difference, the greater the probability of mushroom emergence. Therefore, for our off-season shiitake mushrooms, it is best to watch the weather forecast for water injection, and choose to inject water when the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, or in cloudy and rainy weather, so that the chance of mushrooming will be greater.
3. Do you have any wet or dry differences when injecting water?
Many people know that water injection requires a temperature difference, but few people know that the difference between dryness and humidity is also very important. Many friends like to spray more water on the tent before water injection to soften the bacteria sticks, and then inject water. In fact, if the mushroom sticks are not hard, you can try to stop the water for 1-2 days before injecting water, and then add water to give the mushroom sticks a dry-wet difference, which is more conducive to fruiting!
4. Have you injected too much water?
If there are few mushrooms from the previous stubble, many friends will inject more water, hoping to stimulate more, so that the mushroom sticks will produce more mushrooms. In fact, too much water injection is not a good thing. Too much water will isolate the mycelia from the outside world, which will reduce the vitality of the mycelium, and eventually the phenomenon of mushroom wilting or no fruit will be counterproductive.
There are many reasons why shiitake mushrooms do not produce mushrooms after being injected with water. We need to constantly observe and summarize ourselves, and find out the reasons for our failure.


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