Techniques of making shiitake mushroom sticks and precautions in the process of cultivation

Firstly, the raw materials must be authentic and authentic. Mushroom wood chips must be the wood chips of broad-leaved deciduous species such as flowering oak, and cannot be mixed with wood chips of pine, camphor, fir, cypress and other species rich in aromatic compounds; bran must be a large piece of red bran, and cannot be mixed with impurities such as mineral powder; gypsum must be authentic calcium sulfate, and cannot be mineral powder of unknown composition.
Second, the raw material pre-wetting to be thorough. Raw material pre-wetting is not complete, dry material will lead to incomplete sterilization, causing miscellaneous bacteria contamination.
Third, the material bag sterilization must be thorough. Incomplete sterilization directly leads to miscellaneous bacteria contamination of the material bag.
Fourth, inoculation must be aseptic operation. Non-aseptic operation will lead to miscellaneous bacteria infestation bags.
Five is to avoid the danger of high temperature during the raising of bacteria. During the raising of bacteria, high temperature hazards are very likely to lead to rotten bag disease.

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