Six measures to increase the yield of edible mushrooms, how many do you know?

Edible mushroom yield increase is difficult, see if the measures are not used right? Today, we introduce six methods for practitioners to refer to.
A, temperature difference stimulation method
Cover the film during the day to raise the temperature, and uncover the film in the evening to lower the temperature.
Second, drug stimulation method
When the distribution of culture material, add phosphate, sulfate, vitamin B, etc., there is a significant effect of increasing production. In the late stage of mycelium growth, will promote the flower king 3 spray in the culture material surface, promote mycelium growth.
Three, scratching method
Use bamboo broom to sweep on the material surface, remove the long mycelium and old mycelium, reveal the new mycelium, spray water and new high-fat film, cover the film to moisturize and keep warm, 7 days to produce mushrooms. Yield increase about 10%.
Four, shock mushroom method
Squeeze and tap the material surface with flexible wooden board to promote mycelium growth and rapid differentiation of substrate.
V. Contact method
Use old newspaper, sack, etc. to cover the surface of culture material, and stimulate the growth of mycelium through pressure.
Sixth, hole-filling sand method
Use conical wooden stick, according to the specification of 30cm spacing between plants and rows, make holes in the shape of plum blossom, the holes reach the bottom of the material, and fill yellow sand after two days (disinfected by soaking with 100 times of tree protection general), 1cm higher than the material surface; meanwhile, inject 0.3%~0.5% lime water, which can produce mushrooms 3~4 days earlier, with uniform and fat mushrooms.

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