Key Points of Morel Mushroom Spring Management Techniques

1. Cultivation management
Morchella enters the stage of mushroom-inducing water and fruiting management, and the cultivation management focuses on the following aspects:
1. According to the dryness and humidity of the soil, water spraying management is carried out. For the first watering, the 20-30 cm cultivation layer should be thoroughly watered to promote the conidia on the box surface to subside, but the box surface should not be allowed to accumulate water for a long time, and then spray water appropriately according to the soil humidity to keep the soil surface moist. Note: If there is a lack of water after the young mushrooms are formed, use a small amount of water for multiple times.
2. If the nutrition bag is seriously polluted, it needs to be removed immediately to avoid expanding the pollution.
3. Strengthen ventilation in the shed to prevent disease outbreaks under high temperature and high humidity conditions.
2. Timely harvest
1. Harvesting timing: when the cap grows to 4-8 cm, and the ribs and pits are clearly visible, it can be harvested.
2. Harvesting method: Gently pinch the upper part of the fruit body with the left hand, hold a sharp knife in the right hand, and cut off the morel from the base of the fungus foot, or directly break the stipe by hand. If it is sold fresh after harvesting, the length of the stipe is determined according to the customer's requirements. If it is dried, the stipe must remain unimpeded. Make sure the morels are free of mud after harvesting.
3. Pest control
Strengthen the ventilation in the shed, reduce the humidity in the shed, and prevent disease outbreaks under high temperature and high humidity conditions.

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