How to prevent rotten sticks of edible mushrooms?

Edible mushroom stick rot should be prevention-oriented, supplemented by treatment, specific measures are summarized as follows:
First, the choice of good varieties, the degradation of varieties for purification and rejuvenation
Second, in strict accordance with the edible mushroom cultivation technology regulations for cultivation management
1. Reasonable layout varieties. According to the local climate characteristics, select the appropriate varieties. 2.
2. Improve the hygiene of cultivation site and environment, and clean up the waste sticks in time. Old mushroom farms should be sprayed with fungicides and insecticides to reduce the source of contamination of mushrooms and decrease the density of insects.
3. Strictly control the dosage of disinfection medicine, preferably 3-4 grams per cubic meter, do not exceed 6 grams.
4. Seal the inoculation mouth with wax or tape to prevent insects and bacteria from invading the sticks through the inoculation mouth.
5. The hole piercing and ventilation should be standardized, the diameter of iron nail should be less than 2mm, the hole depth should be 1-1.5cm, choose sunny day to pierce the hole, not pierce the hole at the tubercle.
6. Reasonable treatment of insects and disease prevention. Choose a special mushroom insecticide with high efficiency, no side effect, non-toxic and long effect to spray once after the first stabbing hole, and then spray again after two months to effectively prevent and control insect pests.
Third, timely "treatment" of rotten sticks
After the discovery of rotten sticks, we should pick out the rotten sticks in time and stack them separately to avoid cross-infection between sticks, and carry out the following treatment:
1. with a clean blade to remove the rotten part, with clotrim and other fungicides scrub the spot incision and film, and then the film back, sealed with tape to prevent water loss and insects, bacteria invasion again. This operation should be completed under aseptic conditions.
2. If the sticks start to rot in the early stage of germination, the sticks should be disinfected and inoculated again decisively.

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