Essentials of black fungus germination technology

Germination is crucial in the process of black fungus ear production. Whether the ear buds are formed neatly or not is directly related to the yield and quality of black fungus. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of germination of black fungus, experts propose three technical points:
Upright placement of sticks on the border and reasonable density: After the opening of the sticks, the bags are placed upright on the bed of the ear bed with their mouths facing down. In order to save land and materials and increase the temperature reasonably, the sticks should be arranged reasonably densely when germination. Each square meter can be placed 40-50 sticks, with 2cm spacing between sticks and rods, evenly placed.
Cover the film curtain, heat preservation and moisturizing: After the opening of the sticks in the piercing hole, the mycelium at the opening is damaged, and the sticks need to rest, while the cultivation environment maintains suitable temperature and humidity to promote the recovery of mycelium growth, and then the formation of ear buds. Therefore, after the rows of sticks are finished, a layer of plastic film should be covered on the sticks in time for heat preservation, moisture and rain protection. The film is covered with a layer of thin grass curtain, which can make a small amount of sunlight pass through and irradiate to the sticks, in order to achieve heat preservation, sun protection and scattered light induction, and promote the formation of ear buds.
The temperature of the sticks in the ear bed is controlled in the range of 10-25℃, and the ventilation should be increased when the temperature exceeds 25℃ and stopped when it is lower than 10℃. In mountainous areas, we should prevent the low temperature at night in the last week to prevent the sticks from freezing, we can lift part of the grass curtain to increase the temperature during the day, and then cover the grass curtain at night to play the role of heat storage and insulation.
The humidity inside the ear bed should be kept at 70%-95%, which is intuitively judged by a layer of water vapor on the plastic film covering the sticks. The humidity is not enough to pour water to the ground inside the ear bed.
Pay attention to timely ventilation, temperature control and heat dissipation: Mycelium will also produce heat and release carbon dioxide during the process of resuming growth itself, so it is necessary to reserve a vent when covering the film. As the ear buds are formed and the temperature rises, gradually increase the amount of ventilation and lower the temperature between the sticks to no more than 22℃.

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