The advantages and difficulties of growing morel mushrooms in greenhouses

In order to improve the yield and economic benefits of morel mushrooms, the use of greenhouse greenhouse cultivation is a common way, greenhouse greenhouse cultivation morel mushrooms have the following advantages and difficulties.
A, the advantages of greenhouse cultivation of morel mushroom
1, new input less
Morel mushrooms need to be planted under shade conditions, the whole process of growth and development only need a certain amount of diffuse light can be, build a shade shed is one of the necessary measures to cultivate morel mushrooms. In the original shed to build shade net can save the column, cross-ties and other materials, not only to save material costs, but also to save the labor cost of building.
2、Easy to manually control the growth environment of morel mushroom
Open field cultivation of morel mushroom will be affected by rainfall, snowfall and other factors such as soil moisture, such as rainfall for a long time, easy to produce soil water, the morel mushroom growth and development is not conducive. Greenhouse planting of morel mushrooms can be based on morel mushroom growth and development of various periods of air humidity, soil moisture needs, artificial adjustment of humidity to meet its growth and development.
3、Strong resistance to adversity
The yield of morel mushroom by the external environment, open cultivation of morel mushroom to snow, wind damage resistance is poor, extreme low temperature is unable to resist. The use of greenhouse greenhouse planting morel mushroom, can effectively resist wind damage, snow, extreme low temperature and other natural disasters, significantly improve the stability of morel mushroom yield.
4、Good moisturizing effect
The roof membrane of greenhouse greenhouse is effective in keeping the humidity inside the greenhouse, especially at night to maintain high air humidity, which is extremely beneficial to the differentiation of morel mushroom, and can promote morel mushroom neatly, mushroom body development quickly, to achieve the effect of early market.
Second, the difficulty of growing morel mushroom in greenhouse
First, it is easy to produce high temperature at noon, high temperature and high humidity conditions are easy to cause the rotting of the cotyledons, especially in the late growth and development of morel mushrooms, the damage is heavy. Second, the existence of the top film reduces the vertical convection of air, the middle region of the shed will have the problem of oxygen deficiency, in the long shed this problem is particularly prominent.

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