Black fungus harvesting and drying points of attention

After harvesting, black fungus should be dried in time for long-term preservation, transportation and sales. The method of drying black fungus will directly affect the ear shape of black fungus, and the drying process needs to pay attention to the following points:

01 Using a drying rack
In order to ensure the drying effect of the ear pieces, it is recommended to use a drying rack for drying. The drying rack has a horizontal drying net fixed on it and is covered with rainproof plastic film. Each drying rack can be set up with 1 layer or 2-3 layers of nets.

02 Drying strategy
Based on how many ear slices are wrinkled, black fungus can be classified into the types of multi-gluten, semi-gluten, and gluten-free. Different types of ear slices have different thicknesses and ear shapes to see, and the corresponding methods are used when drying.

03 Drying of multi-grained black fungus
Lay the harvested black fungus on the drying net immediately after harvesting. It is better to lay the ears in a single layer so that they can lose water quickly and set. In general, they can be dried out in 1-2 days. Two points should be noted during the drying process:
①During the drying process, do not turn the single piece before it is set, so as not to form a fist ear.
② Cover with plastic sheeting at night to prevent dew from wetting the ears and affecting the color of the ears.

04 Drying of semi-ribbed black fungus
Place the harvested semi-ribbed ears on the drying net in time for shaping, taking care not to spread them too thickly. The shorter the shaping time, the better. After the ear slices are shaped, combine several fungus slices on the drying net and put them on the bed frame in a well-ventilated shade house for drying until they are dry and then bagged and put into storage.

05 Drying of gluten-free black fungus
The gluten-free type of ears are also laid on the drying net to go through the above two processes of rapid water loss and shaping and slow drying. In order to make the shape of the ears more beautiful and neat, it is necessary to carry out a proper secondary shaping process by spraying a suitable amount of water on the thoroughly dried ears with a spray bottle to soften the ears, then holding the ears up and rolling them with the palms of both hands to make them inwardly rolled into strips. Finally, the rolled ears are dried in the shade and then bagged and stored in time after they are dry.


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