What should I do if the mushroom mycelium does not eat the material?

The main reasons are:
1. The formula of shiitake mushroom culture material is unreasonable and unscientific, such as unreasonable carbon to nitrogen ratio, high water content, inappropriate pH value, and wood chips such as pine and cedar wood in the material, all of which will make the mycelium block unable to germinate and eventually lead to mycelium "not eating the material".
2. In the production of primary strain and secondary strain, the strain used must be a vigorous strain, otherwise the mushroom access in a bad environment long-term storage or culture too long strain, it will cause the strain aging, lose growth vitality, then the mycelium will appear "do not eat material" phenomenon.
3. The mites in the seed bottle will bite the seed block and make the mycelium disappear. At the same time, after inoculation, the test tube is stacked too much, or the cultivation material is stacked too densely and too tightly, which will lead to its high temperature and inhibit the normal growth of mycelium.
Prevention and treatment methods:
1. mushroom farmers should buy high yielding and high quality strains from units with high credibility, strong economic power and strong technical force.
2. Check carefully when inoculating to ensure that the strain is not infected. When preparing the culture material with scientific ingredients, adjust the water content and pH value of the culture material strictly according to the conditions required for the growth of various edible mushrooms and use the right amount of strain.
3. Before inoculation, the inoculation room will be disinfected, but the amount of disinfection agent should be appropriate to avoid overuse. After inoculation, if you need to germinate again, you should ventilate thoroughly to avoid the residual disinfection gas in the room, which will affect the germination of mycelium.
4. When germinating, the temperature is generally kept between 20~25℃, and when it is lower than 20℃, the heat preservation measures should be taken accordingly; when it is higher than 25℃, the corresponding temperature dispersion measures should be taken.

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