Spring cultivation of edible mushrooms, prevention and control of insect pests is urgent

The common pests are mushroom flies and mushroom mosquitoes, all of which are larvae that harm the growth of mycelium, affect the colonization and germination of mycelium, and cause rotten mushrooms by drilling the substrate, leading to contamination of mushrooms and causing harm.
Prevention and control measures.
1. Set up insect-proof nets at the door, window and vent of mushroom room, and close the door after entering and leaving to prevent adult insects from flying in and laying eggs.
2. Remove residual mushrooms, rotten mushrooms, garbage and ground water in and around the mushroom room, and spray lime water or salt water in the shed.
3. Lights and yellow boards should be used to trap and kill insects after they occur. Install insecticidal lights and use black lights or fluorescent lights with washing powder water solution can effectively kill adult pests. Hang sticky boards 20-30 cm above the sticks, one for every 5-10 square meters, to kill flying insects.
4. Chemical control of insect pests. Use high efficiency, low toxicity and low residual pesticide drugs, such as high efficiency cypermethrin and other pyrethroids, and do not spray any chemicals on the mushroom body during mushroom emergence. Before mushroom emergence or after mushroom picking, stop spraying water for one day and then spray the medicine. Properly control the mushroom emergence time after drug application and strictly enforce the safety interval of pesticides to avoid exceeding the pesticide residue standard in the fruit entity.
5. Strengthen ventilation and adjust the temperature and humidity in the shed to deteriorate the survival environment of pests.
6. After the cultivation season, close the shed to kill insects before clearing it, uncover the shed to expose, disinfect and replace the top soil, which has significant effect on preventing the occurrence of pests and diseases.

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