How do morels and two stubble mushrooms promote mushrooms?

1. Nutritional stimulation

By removing the exogenous nutrient bag, the nutrient delivery is broken, which can induce mushrooms.If the nutrition of the exogenous nutrient bag is not exhausted, and it is a variety that is easy to produce mushrooms, then the bag can not be withdrawn; if the exogenous nutrient bag is contaminated, the bag must be withdrawn.

2. Moisture stimulation

In the long-term process of cultivating bacteria, the moisture of autumn and winter stubble and early spring stubble gradually decreases. When promoting mushrooms, heavy water should be sprayed once. It is appropriate to see water in the drainage ditch, which can greatly stimulate the transformation of mycelium from nutritional growth to reproductive growth.Specific operation: Drip irrigation, ditch irrigation or sprinkler irrigation are used to penetrate the surface of the tank. Sandy soil can be divided into two times, with an interval of 12-24 hours between the two times. Pay attention to viscous soil to avoid stagnant water.In some areas, due to abundant rainwater, the soil moisture can be moistened for a long time, so watering and mushroom promotion can be eliminated.

3. Oxygen stimulation

During the period of bacteria cultivation, the shed has been in a state of low oxygen and high carbon dioxide. The ventilation volume can be appropriately increased when mushrooms are promoted, which can effectively increase the oxygen content. According to changes in the weather and the temperature in the shed, the ventilation period and time are selected to stimulate the reproduction and growth of mushrooms.

4. Temperature stimulation

When the temperature rises to 4-10℃, mushroom-stimulating treatment begins.After mushroom promotion, increase the temperature 5cm below the surface to 8-12℃ during the day, and reduce the temperature in the shed (surface temperature) to 3-5℃ at night, widening the temperature difference to more than 10℃, which can effectively induce the occurrence of the original base.After the mushroom is stimulated, there can be no low temperature (surface temperature) below 0℃, so as to avoid frostbite and death after the occurrence of the original base.The mild temperature in the lowest ground should not be lower than 6℃ to avoid freezing damage to young mushrooms (<3cm).

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