Key points for filling oyster mushrooms with water

Watering of oyster mushrooms depends on the raw material recipe, pure cotton hulls are best watered, cotton hulls and corn cob mixes can be watered, pure corn cobs should be watered with caution, the latter is best mulched. Water injection should be done at the end of two crops of mushrooms.
If water is injected too early, the mushroom bag will consume too little water to dissipate and easily contaminate the mushroom bag with too much water still injected. If water is injected too late, the mycelium will be too old to withstand too much water due to excessive water and nutrient consumption, thus affecting the yield and quality.
After the second crop of mushrooms is picked, clean the mushroom stalk at the mouth of the bag and clean up the dead mushrooms. Do not ventilate during this time, the ground should be moistened with water to prevent the mushroom bag material surface from drying out and hardening. After three days there will be little ventilation to facilitate the growth of mycelium. When all the mycelium at the surface of the mushroom is finished, and some buds have occurred, start to inject water.
In winter, it is best to inject water at a temperature of about 15 degrees in the shed, and in summer, when the temperature is low, to prevent burning and rotting of the bag. When injecting water, you can add nutrients appropriately. The amount of water injected is when the bag reaches ninety percent of the weight of the bag, about 1kg is the best, do not overdo it. Also pay attention to the water quality, do not use polluted water or water containing bleach.

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