Four points of black fungus field management

1. Before the black fungus primordium is formed on the ear sticks, there is sufficient water in the fungus sticks. At this time, do not spray too much water, and the water spraying time is controlled within 5-10 minutes. The main thing is to keep the site moist and form the ear outlet of black fungus to maintain a high humidity, which is conducive to the formation of the ear base.
2. After the black fungus primordium grows out of the bag, stop spraying water. After a few days, depending on the weather conditions, spray water in a temperature range that is conducive to the growth of black fungus to promote the growth of black fungus. As the black fungus gradually grows, the water spraying time will also be lengthened. The amount and time of water spraying should be flexibly controlled according to the water content and soft and hard state of the fungus sticks.
3. Keep good ventilation. During the growth process of black fungus, it is necessary to alternate between dry and wet, so that the mycelia of black fungus sticks in a dry state have enough time to recover and feed, accumulate nutrients, and increase resistance to diseases and insect pests.
4. Manually remove the weeds in the ear field. Weeds seriously affect the yield and product quality of black fungus. However, it is strictly forbidden to use glyphosate and other herbicides in the production process of black fungus to avoid pesticide residues. In order to prevent the growth of weeds, the film should be covered on the furrow surface before the black fungus is displayed, and a thick layer of straw or thatch should be covered on the film to prevent the growth of weeds, so as to ensure the quality and safety of black fungus products.

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