Four measures to increase the production of bamboo fungus

1. Appropriately increase the amount of culture medium. The amount of material used for field cultivation is 5000-7500 kg per mu, and the amount of material used for understory cultivation is 1500-2000 kg per mu (calculated based on the area of forest land).
2. Increase the nitrogen content in the compost. Add cow manure, chicken manure or urea to the compost, and the urea added alone should not exceed 0.5%, otherwise a large amount of ammonia gas will be generated, which will inhibit the growth of mycelia.
3. Select a high-quality cover soil. In order to achieve high yield in bamboo fungus cultivation, the surface of the compost should be covered with crushed soil with a thickness of 3 to 5 cm. The quality of the covering soil has a great impact on the yield. The covering soil is best to use soil with high humus content, or loose planting surface soil, with a soil moisture content of about 25%.
4. Strengthen field cultivation management measures. In order to obtain high yield of bamboo fungus, the later field management is the key point.
In terms of temperature management: when the temperature is low during sowing, straw or thatch with a thickness of 1 to 3 cm should be covered on the covering soil layer of the furrow surface, and the plastic film should be covered after 4 to 6 days (it is not necessary to cover the film when the temperature exceeds 15°C). When encountering high temperature weather, shade in time.

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