Adding method of edible fungus fruiting nutrient solution

The time to spray the nutrient solution is appropriate when the fruit bodies appear in large numbers. When spraying, it should be noted that the nozzle should not face the fruiting body, and at the same time, pay attention to the "four no sprays":
 1. Do not spray young mushroom buds to avoid "swollen and dead".
 2. Do not spray the freshly harvested mushrooms or mushroom residues to avoid bacterial diseases.
 3. Do not spray when the air humidity is too high.
 4. Do not spray when the pests and diseases in the mushroom fruiting room are serious.
The soaking method is mainly used for edible fungi grown in bags. After 1 or 2 times of mushroom harvesting, if the cultivation bag is seriously deficient in water, it can be soaked in the prepared nutrient solution until it recovers or is close to its original weight.
The acupoint irrigation method is mainly used in the fungus bed, and this method can be used when the fungus bed produces a lot of fruit and the consumption of water and nutrients is too large. The specific method is as follows: punch holes in the bacterial bed at a distance of 10 cm, flood the bacterial bed with the prepared nutrient solution, and cover soil after adding the nutrient solution.
Appropriate concentration. When the concentration of the nutrient solution is too high, it is not only difficult for the hyphae to absorb, but also hinders or even damages the hyphae. When the concentration is too low, the purpose of high yield cannot be achieved. If the water content of the culture material is high, the concentration should be increased, and the ventilation should be increased after adding the nutrient solution. On the contrary, the concentration of nutrient solution should be reduced and the water consumption should be increased.
Nutrient comprehensive. Several nutrient solutions should be used alternately, so that the nutrition obtained by the fruiting bodies is comprehensive and reasonable. If hormones are used to stimulate the growth of edible fungi, they should be used after supplementing the nutrient solution.
environmental change. When the temperature is above 20 ℃, except for the high-temperature edible mushroom varieties, no nutrient solution can be added. If the culture material has been contaminated by miscellaneous bacteria, be sure to remove the miscellaneous bacteria before adding nutrient solution. In order to prevent the contamination of miscellaneous bacteria, a certain amount of bacteriostatic agent can also be added while adding the nutrient solution to prevent the growth and spread of miscellaneous bacteria.

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