How to sow morels

At present, there are three main types of sowing: sowing seeds, sowing in ditch, and sowing by machine.
Sowing: This method is the most widely used. First, after the field is organized into a border, the border surface is leveled, and the crushed bacteria are directly sown on the border according to the required amount of bacteria, and then covered with soil for 3-5cm.
Sowing in ditch: This is also the most widely used sowing method in recent years, which has the characteristics of explosive fruiting. The specific method is to open a small ditch with a spacing of 20-30cm on the border surface, the depth of the ditch is 5-10cm, spread the crushed fungus into the ditch, and then use an iron rake to backfill the groove with the soil on the box surface.
Machine sowing: At present, manufacturers have produced morel seeders, which are similar to the sowing method of wheat, which can realize the completion of sowing and covering the soil at one time, and the efficiency is higher.

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