Countermeasures for Cultivated Edible Mushrooms When Encountered with Low Temperature

1. Bacteria breeding and fruiting plant. Adjust to the most suitable growth temperature according to the growth characteristics of different varieties of edible fungi.
2. Bacterial greenhouses. The bacteria sticks that are growing are piled together and covered with plastic film to keep warm, and the temperature can also be heated in the shed if conditions permit.
3. Protect the temperature in the shed. Close the fruiting greenhouse, block the gaps, minimize the heat dissipation of the gaps, and reduce the number of times of entering the mushrooming room, so that the temperature in the mushroom shed (room) can be 3-5 °C higher than the outside, which can basically ensure the maintenance of the activity of the mycelium;
4. Stop spraying water immediately. Try to keep the material surface dry (because the edible mycelium will enter the hibernation state at low temperature, and it will easily die if sprayed with water).
5. Strengthen thermal insulation management. Small arch sheds can be buckled in the greenhouse; outside the shed, cover with films, straw curtains and other coverings for heat preservation and dehumidification. The bottom of the shed is made of plastic film as an apron to reduce the invasion of cold air at the bottom. Where conditions permit, it can be heated according to its own conditions to increase the temperature in the shed.
6. Auxiliary heating. Set piles according to the area of the greenhouse. When the temperature drops to about 3 ℃, it will ignite and smoke, which can not only prevent the heat from spreading, but also heat up the edible mushroom greenhouse.
7. Reinforce the trellis. According to the development trend of freezing rain, if necessary, measures such as removing the cover should be taken to reduce the pressure on the mushroom shed, prevent the mushroom shed from collapsing due to freezing rain, and protect the shed to reduce losses. Check and reinforce the scaffolding to prevent the mushroom shed from collapsing.
8. Ditch the drainage. Drainage ditches are dug around the mushroom shed to keep the drainage smooth and avoid the invasion of the mushroom material by rainwater and snow water. Harvest edible fungi that can be harvested or to be harvested; do a good job of keeping warm;

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