Artificial cultivation of morels

1. Temperature
The fruiting period of Morchella is about February to March every year, and the temperature difference between daytime and night is relatively large at this stage, which is very favorable for the growth of Morchella. Morchella grows best in the temperature range of 12°C-15°C, and if it exceeds the temperature range of 10°C-18°C, the growth rate of Morchella fruiting body will be reduced.
2. Lighting
Appropriate light is beneficial to promote the formation of Morchella fruiting bodies, especially in the growth process of Morchella spp. is very important. In the growth of fruiting bodies, it is necessary to ensure proper scattered light to promote its growth. The morels grow in the direction of the light, and the intensity of the light also determines the final color of the morels.
3. Air
Morels, like all crops, are indispensable for good growth and development. If there is too much carbon dioxide in the air, it will reduce the growth rate of morels. The morels cannot grow normally, appear deformed, and even rot. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there is enough and fresh air around during the planting process.
4. Ventilation
According to the experiment, compared with the space with strong ventilation, the fruiting rate of Morchella is much lower than the space with strong ventilation. Therefore, it can be shown that reasonable ventilation is the premise to ensure the fruiting of morels, even in low temperature weather, at least one hour of ventilation time is required. In addition, in the process of planting, it is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that strong winds and strong winds cannot be vented, and the wind should be controlled as softly as possible.
5. Weeding
Growing morels treats weeds in the same way as other vegetables, and cannot remove weeds from the seedbed. Morels grow with weeds and do not require weeding or soil loosening. Weeding may destroy the mycelium in the soil and affect the growth of morels. In addition, weeds can properly shade the fruiting bodies to promote growth.
6. Humidity
In the growth process of Morchella, suitable humidity is very important. For example, if the relative humidity in the air is lower than 65%, it will cause the Morchella empty mushroom, lack of water, dry and light, thus affecting the quality; The relative humidity should not exceed 85%. Excessive humidity will reduce the oxygen content in the air, resulting in hypoxia of the fruiting body, which has a great impact on its growth and development.
7. Harvest
In fact, the morels do not mature at the same time. It is necessary to observe the growth of the morels frequently. It can be harvested when the caps are fully stretched and the shape of the morels almost appears. In addition, be careful when picking morels, not to hurt the surrounding morels that are not yet mature, otherwise it will affect the growth and development

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