Five points for attention to improve the yield of shiitake mushrooms bagging cultivation

The cultivation of shiitake mushrooms is susceptible to contamination because the bag-grown shiitake mushrooms are essentially fruiting on the shiitake mushroom strain. In order to be able to produce fruit smoothly that year, the seed production season happens to be in the summer of high temperature and high humidity, which is more susceptible to pollution. In order to reduce the contamination of miscellaneous bacteria and improve the yield of bag-grown shiitake mushroom seed production, the following points must be paid attention to on the basis of following the general requirements for the production of bacterial strains:
1.Choose good quality polyethylene or polypropylene plastic bags for filling;
2.Sawdust, bran, rice bran, etc. are sieved first (the perforation is 6-8 mm x 6-8 mm), and then the ingredients are bagged;
3.During operations such as loading, sterilization, inoculation, and handling, take necessary measures to minimize damage;
4.Strict selection of strains and strict aseptic inoculation;
5.Control the culture temperature of the bacterial bag within the range of 23-24 degrees;
Most of the malignant pollution is caused by polluted bacteria bags such as red bread mold (Alternaria) and Trichoderma, which like high temperature and high humidity. On this basis, artificial cooling (putting ice bricks indoors, installing air conditioners, etc.) is carried out when the high temperature (≥28 degrees) is approaching to inhibit the occurrence of harmful bacteria. In case of sporadic occurrence of miscellaneous bacteria, it should be dealt with in time to control the loss to a minimum.

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