High-efficiency cultivation technology of Termitomyces albuminosus in greenhouse - fruiting manageme

1. Fruiting management
(1) Sterilization of cultivation greenhouses: generally use formalin and potassium permanganate solution (20-30 ml of formalin and 10-15 grams of potassium permanganate per cubic meter of space) for fumigation for 24 hours. After the fumigation is completed, open the plastic film and spread out the vegetable garden soil to dry to eliminate the odor.
(2) Bag opening, bag placement and moisture control: Before opening the bag, the vegetable garden soil with good air permeability should be piled up in piles for use. When opening the bag, first open the mouth of the physiologically mature bacterial bag, and fold it so that the edge is 3 to 4 cm higher than the material surface. Then, adjust the sun-dried vegetable garden soil to wet soil with a water content of about 65%, and cover it on the surface of the Termitomyces albuminosus fungus bag material with a thickness of 1-2 cm. Finally, cut the water seepage holes to avoid water accumulation in the bag, and cut 2 to 3 water seepage holes on different sides of the plastic bag near the material surface. The fungus sticks after opening the bag are placed in the dug in the form of plum blossom piles, evenly covering the above vegetable garden soil with a thickness of 3 cm, and then watering thoroughly with large water at one time, and then watering the second large water every 7 to 8 days. Then pour the third flood every 7-8 days. After that, keep the ground temperature above 14°C and the air temperature around 15°C in the shed, and fruiting can be achieved within 15 to 20 days. During the budding period, in order to avoid the soil being too wet or agglomerated, water should be sprayed frequently and light water should be sprayed; during the growth period of the fruiting body, the water should be sprayed to prevent the soil from splashing on the fruiting body and affecting the quality of the fungus. 
(3) Temperature, humidity and ventilation management:
The fungus is a medium-high temperature type, and the optimum fruiting temperature is 26-28°C. It is more sensitive to carbon dioxide, and the increase of carbon dioxide concentration in the shed is easy to cause the stipe of the fruiting body to become slender, thus seriously affecting the mushroom quality. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to proper ventilation in the shed and discharge carbon dioxide in time to promote the healthy growth of fruiting bodies. The time and frequency of ventilation should be combined with the temperature and humidity in the shed.
2. Picking
The picking standard of Termitomyces albuminosus is that the stalk is 8-9 cm long. Pinch the stalk with the thumb and middle finger, and gently twist it up to lift it out. In order to avoid soil during picking, which will lead to silt when eating, which will affect the quality and price of commodities, the fruiting bodies should not be put into the basket at will when picking. The roots should be neatly placed in the basket for centralized root cutting and grading, so as to achieve the sales standard of high-quality commercial mushrooms. When picking, if they stick together, they should be picked separately, usually every 6 hours, and the big ones should be picked and the small ones kept. About 15,000 bags are cultivated per mu, and the fruiting amount per bag is 0.15-0.25 kg, and the average output per mu is about 3,000 kg.


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