How to spray black fungus

When planting black fungus, we must pay attention to the water spraying time and reasonable watering.
The cultivation stage of black fungus mycelium requires drying. When the mycelium is physiologically mature and the fungus bag is cut, the relative humidity of the space needs to be increased, and the first water spray is carried out during this period. But do not spray water directly to the knife edge of the bacteria bag, spray the water in the space and sprinkle water on the ground to increase the humidity. The relative humidity is preferably 70% to 75%.
For example, when the humidity in the space is too high or at the edge of the water jet. First, if the injured mycelium at the knife edge is not recovered well, it will easily cause secondary pollution. Second, a white biofilm is easily formed during the recovery of the mycelium, and the gelatinization of the biofilm will affect the appearance of primordia and the formation of ear buds.
As the fruiting body grows, the water spray should gradually increase. The relative humidity of the space is required to be between 80% and 95%. Usually, the amount of water spraying on sunny days should be flexibly controlled depending on the growth conditions of the fruiting bodies. In the young ear stage, when the weather is cloudy, rainy and humid, less water should be sprayed. In the middle stage of fruit body growth, the water absorption is large. If the weather is sunny and dry, more water should be sprayed.
According to the actual situation of cultivation, it is necessary to master the "four more and four less", that is, spray more ear buds, spray less when ear buds are few; spray more when ears are shriveled, spray less on wet ears; spray more on sunny days and spray less on cloudy days; Spray more when the temperature is high, spray less when the temperature is low. Water spray combined with ventilation to avoid rotten ears caused by high temperature and high humidity. The water source for spraying water must be free of pollution, and the water quality must be clean and hygienic, meeting the requirements of pollution-free cultivation.

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