Four management points for the fruiting period of Oudemansiella raphanipies

In the fruiting period, the main need to pay attention to the coordination of temperature, humidity, ventilation and light intensity, which is the key to high and stable yield.
The ambient temperature should be controlled above 20°C. During the fruiting period, it is necessary to prevent the temperature from being too high. There are two maximum limits that cannot be exceeded. One, the temperature of the overburden layer cannot exceed 25°C, and the second, the ambient temperature cannot exceed 30°C.
The ambient humidity should be kept at 80%-90%. If the humidity is too low, the stipe and cap will be cracked. Always keep the covering soil moist, water should be sprayed frequently in the morning and evening, before the fruiting and budding, a large amount of water can be watered to make the covering soil fully absorb water. But it should not be too wet, and there should be no stagnant water. After the buds are sprouted, keep the moist environment and hold the soil to form.
During the fruiting period, ventilation should be carried out in time, especially water spray should be combined with ventilation to prevent pests and diseases caused by high temperature and humidity. During the development of mushroom buds, ventilation should be strengthened to ensure the supply of oxygen. Insufficient oxygen will easily lead to slender stipe and reduce commerciality.
During the fruiting period, there should be proper light. Too dark light will affect the fruiting. Too strong light will easily lead to the cracking of the fungus cap. The light intensity should be 500-800 lux.

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