Countermeasures for mushroom production in high temperature weather

1. Sunscreen and sun protection
  The plastic film of the summer shed should be placed on the roof or removed to prevent the bag from burning. Cover with a shade net, and the shade net outside the awning should preferably cover 2 layers with an interval of more than 50 cm. A layer of shading net can be added to the inner shed to prevent direct sunlight from the bacteria tube.
2. Cooling and ventilation
  Water should be sprayed in the morning when the temperature in the shed is not high to control the temperature in the shed. Pay attention to check the nozzle, the cooling effect of spray water is better. After a long time of water spraying, the humidity in the shed is high, so pay attention to maintaining good ventilation at night. Fans can be used to assist ventilation in sheds with no wind during the night. In the late summer, special attention should be paid to the alpine areas where the temperature difference is large, and the ventilation should be carried out when the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the shed is not large.
3. Static culture
  Do not turn the fungus stick during the high temperature period. For some fungus sticks without macropores, macropores need to be pierced after the maximum temperature is stabilized below 30°C. The fungus sticks that are not overgrown with the mycelium should avoid direct water spraying.
4. Ditch clearing and drainage
  Clear the drains of the mushroom shed in advance, and drain the waterlogging in time after the rainstorm.

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