How to regenerate enoki mushroom roots

1. For the preparation of cutting roots, first choose fresh enoki mushrooms with intact roots. Cut off the root. The length of the cut is appropriate for the root. Cut off the hard and darker root, and cut more if the growth is tight. Wrap the cut root in a plastic bag and set it aside for later use.
2. Prepare the planting container, water and baking soda for the preparation of the culture medium. The edible Flammulina velutipes can grow to about 10cm, so the planting container does not require much, but the height must be suitable. Put two or three tablespoons of baking soda in the container, add an appropriate amount of water, be careful not to add too much water, about half the height of the root system is appropriate, and stir well. If there is no baking soda, you can also use edible alkali instead, but pay attention to the alkaline concentration should not be too high.
3. Planting ready to regenerate Put a few wet tissue papers in the container, then put the cut roots into it, seal the container mouth with plastic wrap, and put it in the shade.
It won't take long for it to grow. This is because Flammulina velutipes can grow by itself in a humid and alkaline environment, as long as the temperature is kept at 5-10, and its vitality is strong, as long as there is no corruption, it can be eaten with confidence.

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