Preparation before the shiitake mushroom grow kits enter the shed

1. Infrastructure Construction
Mushroom factory site selection: The mushroom factory should be flat, ventilated, facing the sun, convenient for drainage, avoid mountain floods, adapt to the water source and the scale of development, meet the production needs of electricity, facilitate transportation, and have sufficient labor.
Mushroom greenhouse construction: independent adjustment of temperature, light, humidity and gas in the production management of shiitake mushrooms
2. Precautions for the transportation of bacteria sticks
Transport vehicles should be cleaned and dried, with shade nets and rain tents
Use racks or plastic baskets to load and transport, minimize the pressure on the bottom fungus sticks, and stack no more than 6 layers
Loading and unloading cannot be carried out in the rain or in high temperature weather. After installation, it must be covered with a sunshade net and a rain shelter to ensure dustproof, rainproof and sun protection.
Travel slowly during transportation
3. Matters needing attention when the fungus sticks enter the shed
Inspection, repair and disinfection of greenhouses. Used greenhouses should be promptly cleaned of discarded fungus sticks and surrounding weeds. Sanitary cleaning will not leave dead ends. After sanitation and cleaning, quicklime can be used in combination with high temperature disinfection in summer.
When unloading, carefully select contaminated or fungus sticks
Handle the whole process with care
4. Quality requirements for fungus sticks entering the shed
The mycelium can be transported into the shed only after the inoculation port is completely sealed and grown inside.
No pollution, no pests and diseases; pick out the fungus sticks infected with mold, and concentrate them for centralized destruction or drug treatment.

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