Stereoscopic Cultivation Technique of Black Fungus in Greenhouse

Cultivation management technology
1. Mycelium rejuvenation and bacteria bag disinfection
When the average temperature at night was -5~10 °C, combined with rapid artificial warming, when the temperature reached 10 °C, the fungus bag began to enter the shed, so that the mycelium injured by the bag material during transportation was healed and rejuvenated. After the mycelium overgrown the bag, increase the light for 3 to 5 days to induce the formation of the fruiting body of the fungus. When brown rice-like ear bases appear on the bag, place the tote bag in a 0.2% carbendazim or 0.1% potassium permanganate solution for surface disinfection.
2. Punch holes in the bacteria bag
When the temperature of the greenhouse reaches 15 °C and the hyphae on the surface of the fungus bag have all turned white, the fungus bag can be opened to incubate the ears. Choose small hole punching technology, pay attention to the quality of the cutting head when buying a small hole punching machine, choose 16 rows of small hole cutting machine, and the distance between the cutting head and the cutting head is 2 cm. Punch holes on the material bag to open "V"-shaped ear holes, the depth is 0.8~1cm, the length of the hole is 1cm, the distance between holes is 5~6cm, and 6~9 holes are opened on each material bag.
3, bacteria bag hanging
After the hole is opened, the material bag is hung on the ear frame, the distance between the bag and the bag is 10~15 cm, and the bag is hung with the cut opening. First, put 7~8 plastic loops on the hanging bag rope, hook it with a thin iron wire and pinch it well, put the mouth of the cut fungus bag down, and clamp it at the bottom of the two nylon wire ropes. One plastic ring is close to the bottom of the bag, you can hang the first bag, the second bag continues to face down and close to the first plastic ring, and then take off one plastic ring and close to the bottom of the bag, and then follow the above steps until it hangs Until 1 string is finished. After hanging each string, put the bottom mushroom bag into the double-strand nylon wire rope tied to the steel bar in advance, and after each hanging of the mushroom bag, use a thin wire hook to pinch the mushroom bag every 1 m. . When hanging the bag, the density should not be too large. In the middle and late stages of high temperature and high humidity, the ears are prone to runny and rotten ears. Generally, nylon wire rope three-dimensional hanging bags can be used to hang 7~8 bags each, and the “mountain”-shaped steel wire sleeves are inserted into the hanging bags upright. Each string can hang 14~16 bags. The distance between bags should be 10~15 cm, not less than 10 cm, and the distance between rows should not be less than 28 cm.
4. Ear cultivation measures
The width of the greenhouse is easy to narrow, the distance between the bags and the rows should be thin, and the greenhouse has both temperature, sufficient humidity, light, and oxygen, so that the primordium can be formed quickly and neatly. There is only temperature in the shed during the ear-breeding period, which will cause the ear-breeding to be slow. After the fungus bag is hung up, in order to heal the mycelium injured during the incision, water spray and ventilation are prohibited within 5 days, and the humidity is increased after the mycelium seal at the incision turns white. After about 5 days, soak all the tiles with clean well water, spray 2~3 times a day in combination with the humidity in the shed, and spray for 2~5 minutes each time. When spraying, it can be combined with temperature and ventilation 1~2 times a day, 15~20 minutes each time, and the humidity in the shed is 80% is the best. The temperature in the shed is kept at 20-24 ℃ during the day, and the temperature can drop to 6-10 ℃ at night. The saturated moisture in the bricks on the ground inside the shed is discharged to the outside of the shed once every 4 days. At the same time, a layer of gauze is laid on the ground of the hanging bag to collect the fallen fungus to keep it clean and hygienic.

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