Sterilization method of edible fungus mother culture medium

Sterilization method of edible fungus mother culture medium
The commonly used sterilization method in the production of edible fungus parent culture medium is high pressure steam sterilization, which is relatively thorough. The specific method steps and precautions are as follows:
(1)Select the pot and add water
Use a portable high-pressure steam sterilizer, and add water to the sterilizer to the height of the water level mark. Note: The water should not be too much or too little. Too little water is easy to dry, and too much tampon is easy to get wet and cause bacterial contamination.
(2) Loading the culture medium
Discharge the culture medium vertically into the sterilization pot in an orderly and vertical manner, leaving the ventilation holes and ensuring the circulation of steam. The mouth of the test tube and the cotton plug should not directly touch the wall of the pot, and should be covered with 2 layers of newspaper or 1 layer of waterproof oil paper to prevent the condensed water under the lid from wetting the cotton plug.
Finally, evenly tighten the screws on the lid to prevent air leakage.
(3) heat sterilization
Place the sterilization pot loaded with the culture medium on a 2-3 kW electric furnace for heating. When the pressure rises to 0.05 MPa, open the vent valve to slowly release the air, let the pressure drop to zero, and then release the air for 10-15 Minutes, when a large amount of hot steam is discharged, close the air release valve to boost the sterilization.
When the pressure rises to 0.11-0.12 MPa, start timing and adjust the firepower to maintain the required pressure for 30 minutes.
(4) Stop heating and decompress slowly
Under the pressure of 0.11-0.12 MPa. After 30 minutes of sterilization, stop heating, and when the pressure naturally drops to 0, open the air valve to slowly discharge the residual steam; then open the lid, and after the hot steam cools for a while, take out the sterilized items.
After sterilization, if you use it continuously, you should pay attention to replenish the water before use. If it is not used temporarily, the remaining water in the pot should be drained, cleaned up, and used for next time.

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