To improve the yield and quality of black fungus, germination is the key

Germination of black fungus is very important in the process of ear emergence. Whether the ear buds form neatly or not is directly related to the yield and quality of black fungus. Therefore, in order to improve the germination efficiency of black fungus, the following technical points are proposed for reference.
Upright pendulum on the border, reasonable density
        After the opening, the fungus sticks should be placed upright and evenly on the border of the ear bed with the mouth facing down. In order to save land and materials, the temperature should be increased reasonably, and the bacteria sticks should be reasonably densely arranged during germination. 40-50 sticks can be placed per square meter, the distance between sticks and sticks is 2cm, and they are evenly placed.
Cover film straw curtain, keep warm and moisturizing
        After the fungus stick is opened in the puncture hole, the hyphae at the opening are damaged, and the fungus stick needs to be allowed to stand. At the same time, the cultivation environment maintains a suitable temperature and humidity to promote the hyphae to resume growth and form ear buds. Therefore, after the rods are arranged, a layer of plastic film should be covered on the rods in time for heat preservation, moisture retention and rain protection. The film is covered with a thin straw curtain, which can allow a small amount of sunlight to pass through and irradiate the fungus stick to achieve thermal insulation, sun protection and scattered light induction, and promote the formation of ear buds.
The temperature of the fungus stick in the ear bed should be controlled in the range of 10-25 °C. If the temperature exceeds 25 °C, ventilation should be increased, and the ventilation should be stopped below 10 °C. In mountainous areas, it is necessary to prevent the low temperature that occurs at night in the near future, and prevent the bacteria sticks from being frozen or the change of cold and heat to produce "yellow water". During the day, the straw curtain covering the mushroom sticks can be opened to increase the temperature, and the straw curtain can be covered at night to play the role of heat storage and heat preservation.
        The humidity in the ear bed should be kept at 70%-95%. The intuitive judgment is that there is a layer of water vapor on the plastic film covering the fungus stick. If the humidity is not enough, you can water the ground inside the ear bed.
Pay attention to timely ventilation, temperature control and heat dissipation
        Mycelium will also generate heat and release carbon dioxide during the recovery process, so it is necessary to reserve vents when the film is covered. With the formation of ear buds and the rise in temperature, gradually increase the ventilation volume and reduce the temperature between the bacterial sticks so that the temperature in the bacterial bed does not exceed 22 °C.


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