A new method of "short-term breeding" cultivation of Pleurtus Nebrodensis

 After the Pleurtus Nebrodensis bag is full of mycelium, it cannot be directly fruited like oyster mushrooms. This post-ripening period often becomes a technical obstacle that many mushroom farmers cannot overcome. Depending on the characteristics of the mycelium, this stage generally takes about 30 to 60 days, and even up to 80 days for individual strains. The production arrangement is extremely inconvenient, and the production cycle is greatly prolonged.
Using short-breeding, high-quality and high-yield cultivation techniques and artificial control measures can greatly shorten the post-ripening period. The basic method is: first adjust the temperature to about 30 °C to make the mycelium fully develop, and then lower the temperature. For example, it is very practical to move the bacterial bag into a low-temperature cold storage, and maintain it in an environment of 0 °C to 10 °C for about 15 days. , so that the mycelium forms self-protection under relatively uncomfortable conditions, thereby accelerating its "reproduction" process.
When the color of the fungus bag is whiter than that before being put into the cold storage, the sound of hollow wood is heard when it is tapped, and the hand feels firmer and more elastic, it can be removed from the cold storage and placed in a plastic greenhouse. Try to increase the shed temperature, increase the humidity, give an appropriate amount of strong light stimulation and greater ventilation. About a week or so, a yellowish bacterial liquid appears at the inoculation block, after that, the temperature should be lowered as much as possible until it buds. Generally, this period is around mid-November, and it does not take much effort to keep the shed temperature below 15 °C, as long as the grass is covered, the ventilation in the morning and evening and at night is strengthened, and the ground watering and space spraying can be strengthened. It only takes 1~2 days for a short time below 10 ℃, and the mushroom buds form quickly. Generally, there are only 1 to 3 mushroom buds on each fruiting surface. Before the differentiation is completed, the buds will be thinned, and only one bud will be kept. Under normal conditions, a large, uniform, correct, and white high-quality mushroom can be grown. .


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